Teme Valley Fishing.

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The valley upstream of Tenbury Wells has good Trout and Grayling fishing.
Tenbury Fishing Association (Est 1834 ) owns and controls approximately four and three quarters of a mile. Fly only. Day tickets are available
Members restocking the river with fish Members bank clearing.

In this picture we see a new stock of trout been aded to the river by members of the Tenbury Fishing association.

Bank Clearance by members.
This is an annual event usually carried out in the winter months.

A member Proudly holding his 14LB salmon New fish for stock

A member with a 14lb Salmon caught in the 2001 season

Here Trout being made ready for adding to river


The river Teme is the second largest tributary of the River Severn.
It rises in the Kerry hills in Mid Wales from a small spring in Bryn Coch quarry on Cilfaesty Hills at 460 meter above sea level.
The Teme is a rural river flowing through unspoilt countryside and is regarded some of the most attractive in Britain.
The landscape characterised by rolling hills and attractive valleys.
The rural nature of the area is reflected by high quality rivers with excellent brown trout and grayling fishing, with a challenge for the purist angler willing to accept the rugged conditions.
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