Here are two of the original drawings of The Pump Rooms.

You can see that the attendant's cottage was originally single storey and of the same exterior design as the rest. it was replaced by the present cottage (now a private house) in 1889 at the same time as complete redecoration was undertaken.

On August 1st 1872 the Tenbury Wells Improvement Company was wound up having done its work of building the Spa.
May 1st 1883 the baths opened for the summer season. Six hot baths cost 9/- ( 45p) and six cold baths 5/- (25p). The attendant at the baths was Mrs. Griffin.
May 1886. Mrs. Griffin with her son and daughter were trapped in the attendants cottage in the disastrous flood. They had to stand on chairs which were placed on the beds of the single storey cottage. They hung there for nearly 24 hours before being rescued by a rowing boat which managed to come in by the Crow Yard.

Various improvements were made to the accommodation in the town with the Crow having a large boarding house and hotel built on the side (1883), extensions were made to the Swan Hotel (1886) when it was said that the baths had proper accommodation for the first time since it was opened. Just House in Berrington Road was bought in 1889 as a boarding house for the use of visitors to the Spa.

During the first World War an article in The Medical Times (1916) suggested that Tenbury, because of its Spa and the purity of its air, ought to be a centre for Convalescents Homes for wounded and debilitated soldiers.

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