Tenbury Flood

On June 26th 2007 the river Teme burst it banks for the first time for many years never seen for generations
Flood looking overv Teme bridge The river Teme in full flood
This photograph was taken at 8.30am looking over teme bridge towards the town
Here you can see the Teme in full flood and about to burst its banks
Looking down teme street Teme street in flood
Looking down teme street from the edge of teme bridge as the river burst its banks.
As the river peaked this is the view of Teme Street at its highest
House on the bridge side view of cottage
From here you can see the height of the water as it rushes in through the front of the cottage situated at the side of the river bridge.
Here you can see the height of the river and the damage it has caused to the interior of the cottage
here a build up of debris from up stream
As you can see here debris has been swept down from up stream and built up at the top of the bridge and can not go anywhere.
The power of the water sees no boundries
The floods looking down cross street flood waters have no bounderies
Looking down Cross street the flood water this end is caused by the kyre brook, with nowhere to go but on to the streets and into shops damaging goods and properties
Water has no boundries when its out in full flow it has to go some where and devastation is bound to follow
Water dameges every thing Words can't say how we feel
Here we can see damage to our loved one
Words can't say how we feel

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