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The Kings Arms Teme Street.

The Licensees were in :-
1860 James Bathhurst
1864 Thos. Robinson
1868 Joseph Copell

It must have been a reasonable size because in the 1861 census Mr. and Mrs. Robinson had 7 children and 3 lodgers.

The Old Hop Pole 34/36 Teme StreetThe Old / New Hop Pole 34/36 Teme Street.

The Old Hop Pole occupied part of the back building of 36 Teme Street. In 1770 George Ridley was landlord and also, a church bellringer. The pub was noted for its cider and made 20 - 30 Hogsheads of cider annually. In 1815 it moved to 34 Teme Street which was erected by George Ridley about, 1797. It became known as The New Hop Pole. It closed about 1821 because in 1822 it was sold late used as an Inn called The New Hop Pole, formerly in occupation of George Ridley.
The Red LionTeme Street.

Wayland Joyce says in his book that one existed in Tenbury in 1647. There are entries for the following publicans :-
1820 John Price
1841 Mary Page
1843- It was proposed to buy the Red Lion as it adjoined the proposed new Town Hall. Mr. Green was willing to sell for 400. This all came to nothing as they decided to build the new Corn Exchange in Robinsons yard half way up Teme Street on the right hand side coming from Teme bridge.
1850 Eleanor Wall
1854 John The Queens Head Price
1855 Samuel Bowen
1860 John Price

Teme Street.

The site is somewhere close to the present Vaults. In 1850 Samuel Bowen is listed as the publican followed by Henry Handley in 1864 when entries ceased.

The Talbot Teme Street.

There is a entry for Thomas Mansell, victualler. The Red Lion, Queens Head and The Talbot appear to have been very close to each other at the south west side of Teme Street. It could be they were the same building known at different times under different names.

The Tanners Arms 31 & 31a Cross Street.

It was suggested that its name came from the Tannery which existed just along Berrington Road. We have the following names listed:-
1872 William Tyler
1881 Howard Herbert
1892 Charles Wilson Robinson.
It was closed in 1906 when the County Licensing Committee refused to renew its license. The owners were then, the executors of the late Robert Robinson.

Union Tavern Teme Street.

This was open from 1835 to 1855. We have the following names listed:-
1841 Samuel Wilden Tailor and Victualler
1851 William Wilden Tailor and Innkeeper.

A treasure trove was found in the back garden in 1849 when some workmen, excavating a hole, struck upon a lead box which contained a large collection of silver coins. A large distribution of the coins took place before Mr. Wilden came from Malvern Link to claim the coins.
They all predated the civil war and it is assumed that they were part of the pay meant for the Scottish Army soldiers and were consigned to the earth during the heat of the civil war

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