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Peacock Inn

The Peacock one mile out side Tenbury towards Kidderminster
The Peacock Inn is included because, although it is 1 mile from Tenbury, at Boraston, it is so much linked with Tenbury. A 17th century building. It was originally a farm and it is not known when it received its first license. The land was farmed for hops and stretched for a long distance along the banks of the river Teme in either direction. Our first recording is in 1851 when Esau Smallman, who described himself as a farmer/innkeeper, was landlord.

In 1896 E V V Wheeler of Newnham Court was the owner and Geo Pope the landlord. Geo Pope remained landlord for about 25 years.

Rose and Crown
The original part of the pub is 17th century but was greatly extended in 1860 by the owner Lord Northwick, probably because of the coming of the railway in 1862. The record found so far, is for 1798 when the boundaries between Burford and Greet were being walked on Holy Thursday. Two of the boys going on this walk were sons of W Yates of The Rose and Crown. Again in 1800 the Burford Friendly Society was founded and meetings held at the house of William Yates of The Rose and Crown.

The Rose and Crown Just out side Tenbury on the A456 towards Ludlow
In 1888 there was a a valuation of the household
furniture, cider casks, beer engines and piping, brewing utensils, bar fittings, glass, dining ware, taps and harness belonging to Mr. Robert Robinson
of The Rose and Crown. The total came to 140/18/9d. Mr. Robert Robinson, Junior was taking over the business. The pub was inspected in 1896 when it was stated that the licence was granted in 1831.
The occupier was Robert J Robinson. There was a bar, tap room, smoking room, kitchen, sitting room, clubroom and 4 bedrooms.

The Swan Hotel
The Swan Hotel started life as a 17th century building but has been much extended since then. It was announced in 1867 by the Tenbury Wells Improvement Co that the boarding house attached to the Swan will be open next spring and will meet the want for accommodation in the Town for visitors.
Following are some of the earlier records of The Swan Inn.
1651 - Mr. Grove, then landlord of The Swan Inn asserted that on September 3rd King Charles II slept at The Swan Inn prior to the battle of Worcester.
1787- Promoters of the Leominster to Stourport canal held their first meeting at The Swan.
1802- Lord Nelson briefly stayed before being drawn in state over the bridge into Tenbury. Men took the place of horses in drawing the coach into the main street and back again, before continuing on his way to Worcester.

The Swan Hotel on the  Junction of the A456 and Teme Street
1832- Princess Victoria ( later Queen Victoria ) briefly stayed while her horses were changed and the Worcestershire troop took over protection from the Shropshire troop. She was on her way to Whitley Court from Downham Court.
1936- George Bernard Shaw has lunch at the Swan and had a walk around Tenbury. He wished the waters of Tenbury were more well known.
1937- Ramsey McDonald and daughter stayed. They were very interested in the black and white buildings.
Unfortunately this lovely building is now no longer a hotel and is for sale as flats

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