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Tenbury lies between two rivers, the Teme and it's tributary, the Kyre. Entering the place from the station, you cross the swirling Teme over a mediaeval bridge - sadly spoiled by recent widening - and pass up the broad main street. Then at a right angle comes the narrow curving Market Street, with the Kyre flawing beside it, and you are soon at the round, red Butter Cross in the Market Square. Thence on one side a road leads to the church, on the other quiet , sleepy Cross Street brings you to the end of the town. It is but a little place.

Teme Bridge Under Repair

Teme Bridge After The Repair

The restoration of the bridge in progress, 1908. The curious bend in the middle was acquired when the original medieval bridge was extended in the seventeenth century.

The restored bridge in 1908, complete with new railings, attracts the attention of local sightseers. The bend in the middle is clearly visible in this picture.

Market Street

Market Street (Looking Down From Teme Street)

Another early view of Market Street. With only one horse drawn wagon in sight, the street presents a very different picture from the busy traffic filled thoroughfare of today.

Market Street, from its junction with Teme Street, as it looked about a century ago. The impressive store on the right was at that time occupied by Wheeler's whose name still appears on the doorstep. the premises have since been converted into individual shops.

The Round Market ( Old Butter Market )

round market (old butter looking from church street)

The Butter Market in 1903. The Butter Market, built in 1858, replaced an earlier structure built in 1811. John Jeff, shown on the left, remembered the old Butter Cross which was an open plan structure on six pillars and was a cold and miserable place in winter. Jeff was clerk to the parish council and worked for Norris and Miles for sixty years.

The Butter Market in 1920. Vehicles are starting to appear but there are no traffic jams. The Butter Market is usually referred to as the Round Market even though it is oval in shape.

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